Mapping Technology in Wilderness Search and Rescue:
a Sankey diagram of interview data

You can drag any rectangle vertically to rearrange the columns.
Hover over a rectangle to see the frequency of statements relating to one concept.
Hover over a link to see the frequency of statements relating to both of the concepts it connects.

This diagram isn't an executive summary of my data; it's more of an exploratory tool. It helps me point out some interesting patterns...
For instance, disscussion regarding mobile apps inlcuded many suggestions and many problems (look for strong links between 'Mobile' and 'Problem' or 'Suggestion'), but interview participants did not discuss many 'Current uses' of mobile apps - most likely because many WiSAR teams do not use mobile apps at this time.

Drawn with the D3 javascript visualization library.
Based heavily on this Sankey diagram tutorial.